About me

We all were parts of Adam at one time
In paradise we all have heard these tunes
Though clay and water fill us up with doubts
We still remember something of those songs
Masnavi 736-7

This blog is where I inflict my unfashionable tastes in music, mysticism and art on the world. I am 31 years old, I live in Wales though I am originally from Sussex. I spend most of my time looking after my two sons. We like going for walks in the wood and making a mess. When I'm not doing that I am a freelance SEO dabbler and copywriter and work in a 1000 year old castle. I play all kinds of trad music on the fiddle and I'm in an Irish folk band. I like art, books, psychology, gardening and eating nice food.

I live with my my partner Huw who runs the Welsh music label Serein and is a web designer at rootsy

Unfortunately I do not have a polished internet persona. I exist dotted around on this site and that, from username to username, friends here and acquaintances there, intensely private journals to publicly subjected scatterings...

I hope this blog can be a place where all my previous internet lives can converge into one self-indulgent blend of books, music and life. I chose the name Mossery to honour a very special person in my life, but also because I hope this place can be somewhere to collect interesting specimens and preserve them in an appropriate environment.

For the while, you can also find me on:

Mossery: places where mosses are grown - a passing fad in the 19th Century led to the establishment of mosseries in British gardens.


  1. greetings from gradually-getting-colder-italy: i remember you from the wonderful video you did with diptanshu in kolkatta. if we become internet buddies ... will i learn to play fiddle as well as you or - more to the point - adopt your smooth, flowing, sweet-sounding bowing arm? ... please?

    kindest regards - lovely photos and drawings - bill


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