Wednesday, October 8, 2014

not floundering

Sorry for not updating this blog recently. I was reading some of my old posts and thinking I really should write something here soon. Carving out time to sit down and write a post has been low on my list of priorities this summer - however I would still like to keep a record of my doings....

I've had a great summer, lots of things have fallen into place for us and sometimes I can't get used to this feeling of how grounded and stable we are right now with where we live, the house that I still can't believe is ours, our community, finances (finally!) and just how we go about things day to day. I am in a good groove at the moment and long may it last. 

Mostyn, who is now three, goes to playgroup three mornings a week (which he adores) and in that short amount of free time I have to choose between exercise, housework or freelance stuff, if I'm not at work. Usually exercise and freelance work wins, I never do nothing in that time. (I save my nothing for evenings from about 8pm, when Mostyn's in bed, we either watch Netflix or I play Skyrim while Huw works on music or programming upstairs. I've started learning to crochet so fill that time more productively!). I try to do a Shred Level 2 or 3, shower quickly and then an hour or so of work. This last week I've had too much work and a haircut to fit in my Shred so I need to get back on that. This year, for the first time, I have really begun to appreciate how much my body likes getting regular exercise. 

After we got married at the end of June everyone kept saying "doesn't it feel different now?" but no, it doesn't at all. After 7 years together what can possible change? The stress of organising and taking part in your own wedding is something I'm glad to have in the past... as someone who has never liked being in the limelight I think I did ok, though I don't actually remember a lot of it because I was so wound up! 

I was so worried about everyone enjoying themselves. It was a very small and low budget affair and I (and all my amazing family and family-in-law) did our absolute best to make the hall we hired look nice and have the day run smoothly - I played with my band for a bit, that didn't work our quite as I'd hoped as one member didn't show up and the other guys were all late but I think it was still nice. There was a bit of dancing and the BBQ was delicious. We couldn't go on until late because there were lots of young children there (including our own!) but overall it was exactly what we wanted. Low key, non traditional and intimate. No expensive wedding photographer - just family photos, only a few people in the room at the registry office, a handmade bouquet from my dad's wife, Huw's mum and dad doing the flowers, my mum making a gorgeous wedding cake, 15 punnets of local strawberries and cream. I really hope everyone who came had a nice time.

We walked into the ceremony room together with Mostyn and all his cousins to a piano track that Huw composed just after Mostyn was born. We chose brazillian and reggae music for when we were signing the book that reminded us of our time talking online that first year, sharing music over MSN and talking until 5am.

Wedding present drawn by our friend Lucy :D
Moroccan lantern from my sister
My friend made us an incredible quilt!!

We toyed with the idea of not having a wedding at all, just a registry office with 2 witnesses, but I'm glad we did. I saw friends I haven't seen for ages who came so far for it, and all of our friends were so generous and wonderful. With our wedding gifts we were able to buy a new sofa and get some bits for the house we hadn't been able to afford before. We decided to use both our surnames for all three of us, no hyphen.

Downstairs is now finished. We have curtains up ready for when the weather turns and some new floating wooden shelves that Huw has been wanting forever. It's so cosy down here now and I can't wait for Winter to come! I want our next project to be the bathroom, which I hate every element of, but I don't know when we are going to have the time and money to be able to do something with it.

I also learned to crochet last week and I've got lots of projects in mind for the winter. It's incredibly addictive and satisfying:

The top squares are what I made from wool I had left over from a peg loom rug I made last year. I'm going to send them to a lady on Instagram who joins donated squares into blankets for homeless people in South Wales!

I also made me and Mostyn mustard snoods from this YouTube pattern!

I got a large, unexpected and very welcome tax rebate so I bought this pack of 15 balls of wool chosen by Attic24 - the ripple cottage blanket they are designed for is a bit beyond me but I'm making little granny squares from the wool (I really like the colours) to make into a blanket.

I've got more things to say but it will have to wait! Hasta la vista...


  1. It was the loveliest wedding I've ever been to! x

  2. Your wedding looks so lovely, as does the downstairs of your house. It is lovely to read that you feel settled and 'in place' too! Long may it continue!


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