Thursday, September 25, 2014

Polish Pottery

May I just aware you on the gorgeous products sold in Baltica, the Polish Pottery shop in Lewes, near where I grew up.
 This distinctively styled, 'eye-spot' pottery has been produced in the Lower Silesian town of Boleslawiec (formerly known as Bunzlau) since the 1830's. The pattern on each piece is hand-decorated by a unique 'stempel' (hand stamping) technique using a shaped, sponge stamp. This style of decoration is still known in Germany as 'pfauenauge' (peacock eye) - history of the Pottery

 The more I look at these simple, cheerful designs, the more I want them all to belong to me.

Ring hand!
I've have got three bits of pottery, all bought for me by my mum at various times, and I love them:

 Small bowl. (With my Culture Vulture bowls)

 This is my fruit bowl! And my purple shamrock plant.

A medium cream/sauce jug <3

They have a great Facebook page where they have competitions, news about new patterns and pictures of trips they make to Boleslawiec.

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