Wednesday, June 18, 2014

house progress and some other updates

Most of our money this year has gone into our house. I am so proud of what we have achieved (with a lot of help from some plasterers, a carpenter and Huw's dad) - I love these kinds of photos so here are ours! I am compiling this post at the speed of light before I pick up Moss from playgroup so excuse any mistakes.

The day we moved in Feb 14th 2013. This is what our downstairs looked like:

The dining room
I hated the blue and we had to live with it for almost a whole year. On Jan 1st 2014, Christmas was over and we spontaneously began stripping the painted wall paper off the walls. The paper had thick layers of paint over it and where the walls weren't solid, it took off the orange paint behind it and stripped right back to the plaster.

It was like living in a womb.

The exposed plaster.

 The ceiling was a lovely dark green....

We ripped out the double doors between the rooms (seen in the right of the first picture in this post) to create a more open space between the dining and sofa area. This hadn't even occurred to us until the plasterers came to do the ceiling. I wanted to remove the double doors as we didn't use them and they realised that it was only a very flimsy partition around them - TAKE IT OUT we shouted - then the entire ceiling can be as one! The doors have found a new home with my friend who is adding a partition to her downstairs living room.
The plaster went on and the coving came off - we were only going to do the ceilings however the removal of the paper meant some plaster had to be redone - we just ended up doing everything.

Painting the first undercoat! I am a fan of colour and Huw is a fan of large empty white boxes - I do also like bright looking spaces so we went with Dulux Timeless and are attempting to inject the colour through furnishings. It's a lovely colour - clean and minimal looking but with enough warmth not to look clinical. The ceilings are bright white to emphasize the colours even more.

Here's where we are so far: We have some pictures on the walls. We have run out of money for things like curtain rails, lamps, rugs and cushions but these will come with time. The large mirror in the dining room was £30 in a charity shop. I wish we hadn't had to buy the IKEA dining table and chairs and held out for something more rustic looking from a second hand shop but we had no choice when we first moved in having given every penny of our savings into the deposit!

Note the new floor - a solid oak floor that smells amazing and was made possible due to a very generous early wedding present from Huw's parents.

Here is a bad picture of the other angle, from the dining room into the living room. The fireplace surround was removed from Huw's room and put downstairs in an old covered grate that was found behind a pointless radiator where the fireplace is now. We painted it black, added some cheap tiles and got the carpenter to put solid oak around it.

Other stuff:

Huw's office (the second bedroom) has gone from this (note the fireplace which is now downstairs and repainted!):

To this:

Gorgeous peregrine (Huw's favourite bird) print from Rebecca Kiff

Mostyn's room continues to look cute, especially with pictures on the wall!

Welsh Alphabet print from Cathryn Weatherhead

I have a link to share:

Thrifty fashion habits from threadbare-in-candlelight - I found this post very useful as someone who is not able to afford (and not really interested in) buying new clothes often like every other blogger on the planet (meow!). Thanks C.


  1. This is amazing! Well done with your home transformation! I love the wood doors.

  2. It looks amazing! and like a lot of hard work. I love all the light and the spaces!

  3. I think it just ate my comment :( if not, sorry for duplicates!
    Ooh, I've only just seen this! I love how you transformed your place.. I must admit, I'm a sucker for the light-walls-with-colourful-furnishings look. The mirror where the partition was is gorgeous.
    Also, thank you for mentioning my rambling blog post! I'm glad you found it useful :) will you be doing a post on your wedding? From the snippets I have seen, it looked amazing! Congratulations again xx

    1. I will definitely do a wedding post! I haven't even seen that many pictures because I was too busy (and stressed) to take any, so I'll wait until I've seen everyones (we couldn't afford an official photographer!) before I post! I was so pleased with how the hall looked in the end - it was all so thrown together and budget!


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