Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The first time I ever went to Tintern I noticed these abandoned cottages opposite the old mill. They used to be next to the mill pond (now a series of 'motel' style hotel rooms built into a revealing dip in the land) so I like to imagine it was the miller and his family who lived in them when the village was industrial. I don't know who owns them but the last few months of heavy rain have taken their toll and the roof of the outhouse has completely collapsed. I want them to be renovated and given new life, the damp from the sides of the valleys is disintegrating the stone and the ivy is creeping, creeping.

The sylvan Wye from a beautiful local walk we did a few weekends ago, to the 'Bread and Cheese' stones in Llandogo.

Some other things that have been happening:

- I scrubbed and sorted and conservatory, the gateway to our tiny garden. Taken a lot of stuff to charity shops, trying to reorganise and simplify.
- We have done a huge chunk of the work that needed to be done on the ground floor of the house. We passed the one year mark of living here back in February.
- Started back at work which has been really pleasing. I am shocked about how little money we have survived on over the winter considering I wasn't earning much. We have still managed to save, and Huw bartered, medieval style, for our decorating with a new website (not quite so medieval) for the builders.
- Planted courgette seeds, runner beans, sweet peas and tomatoes in whatever containers I could find. I might do a separate garden post because I like to look back on plants when they were small. I accidentally made compost in a bag of rotting garden waste I failed to get rid of so I've put it in the half of my raised bed that doesn't contain raspberries (which are coming back in full force already) in preparation for courgettes... should they survive!
- We saw a lamb being born at St Fagan's
- The lemon tree is flowering

Carpenter's workshop, if I could post a picture of the smell I would.

St Michael's Church, Tintern

The view from my conservatory on the day I went back to work

My mother's day present

Mostyn's first recognisable drawings!

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