Sunday, February 2, 2014

settle down boy

I want a permanent part time job so badly, part time is easy, but permanent is something I haven't had for six years. I can't remember feeling secure in a job ever, and having bought this little house in this little town in this sunken spot on the borders, filled with rivers and forests and five minutes from the M4 - the need to settle down is so strong at the time in my life, when at other times I just did not care. Some motherly instinct is pulsing strong. I need to create balance however, which is the word I am trying to embody and failing.

Our house is in turmoil as we are redecorating downstairs and it really is affecting me - I want to tidy, organise, find places for things, hang pictures, buy a dresser to put my teapots, postcards and pottery, spend my evenings on things other than avoid drying walls and angsting about paint - the pink plaster won't be there for much longer - soon we can coat everything in Dulux Timeless and we get our radiator back tomorrow. Hooked up with cheap solid oak floorboards, we decided to get everything done at once, the wood smells so fresh and delicious, I can't wait to put my feet on it. We are so lucky to be able to do this but the transition period is rather testing.

Mostyn's room on the day we moved in:

Bizarre and chipped two tone paintwork
Mid Polyfillaring at Christmas
His bed arrived last week and I was primed to organise!
A rug I made for him out of some of his old babygro's
Bed made
Room finally organised - we just need to hang up his pictures (a Welsh alphabet from Cathryn Weatherhead and a Babar the Elephant hot air balloon poster) and we're done for now. This satisfied the settle-downer in me.
The other good things about life are that I have the chance of a job back, I really hope I can make it work for me, our house will be even more amazing in a few weeks (I will post pictures) and everyone is happy and healthy. And this summer after the solstice I am getting married in one country and celebrating in another, all within the same few hours.

Stuff I've been reading and looking at with my eyes:

This struck a chord as I contemplate past and future:As the child of divorced parents, I've had to learn to treat my own marriage with love, not fear [Guardian]

I don't know what this or who did it but it just came up to my on Facebook and I stared in amazement as this exact image has been in my head for a long time, I wanted to try drawing it but it's already been drawn:

I also accidentally fell in love with a £530 eco wedding dress from Minna (I most definitely cannot afford it):

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  1. I feel for you, being unsettled is hard. Am very impressed with the rug you made though, you should sell some on etsy!


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