Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy new year!

2013 can be summarised by these very few words: bought house and worked. On February 14th we parted with every penny of our savings and moved into our very first house - soon after, the job I had been in for the last few years came to its inevitable funding related conclusion and I found myself working in a medieval castle all summer instead, a place which comes high up in the ever growing list of strange places I have worked (which include a goat farm and a zoo).

But it wasn't all work: I did some gardening, did lots of visiting and went to a lovely wedding, went on our first family holiday to Cornwall, made some things with a sewing machine and a peg loom and did a few sporadic gigs with the band. The last two months I haven't worked at all and I have focused on doing fun things with my son that don't cost money, making things and having a lovely first Christmas in our new house.

Here are some Christmas holiday pictures, because we had a really lovely time. I cooked the turkey lunch and it was a big success, we saw family and went to some lovely places:

Our beautiful tree (can you see Niroot's amazing pop up Night Before Christmas Book?)
Christmas treats - Dundee cake (in the tin) and my best ever thing: Carluccio's Chocolate Grissini
One excited boy

 Huw's present to me - a stunning wooden fold out craft box!

 Christmas dinner with my mum, her partner and my sister!

 Peregrin spotting by the cliffs in Chepstow

 A boxing day gig in Llantwit Major with my Irish band

 We then went to visit my dad where we had one beautiful bright clear day and one awful rainy one.
 The fire was stoked, the wine was nice.
The view from Broadway Tower
 We visited Broadway Tower - battled through the red trouser wearing locals to have deliciously expensive panini's in the cafe and peer through the bushes at the herd of red deer.
Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds with my dad and his wife - the light was incredible!
But enough of the past - TO THE FUTURE (and the present)

2014 is the year of the house decoration.

We have already made a start - we have painted Mostyn's room after my mum's partner (who is handily a painter and decorator) prepared all the walls for us over Christmas. We are going neutral because this isn't our 'forever' house yet.

After (still need to paint the wardrobe and bookshelf white, put up pictures, order a white bed and paint the skirting boards and get a new carpet.. and sort out the damp on the top of the window...)

As for downstairs: you may recall the hideous half blue wallpapered walls from the first picture in this post - can you imagine what was underneath that ancient paper?


Getting this replastered/skimmed, and painted is our next step, followed by new skirting boards and eventually, a new floor (after 134 years when we have saved enough money). Until then we must live in this distressed, womb-like cave.....

I hope my readers (all two of you) have a prosperous 2014 - this year I want to try and put into practice in my life things I have been reading about this year, (mainly on Tumblr), particularly about feminism, equality, child rearing and role models for children.

I'm going to keep trying to do things I haven't done before, get a bit fitter (I say this every year), maybe start running and get married. Oh yeah: After seven years together, a mortgage and a two year old, we are finally getting married, particularly because Huw gave me this beautiful teeny diamond ring on the 1st Jan that he had secretly had made for me:

Blwyddyn newydd dda!



  2. Argh. I commented earlier, saying I'd leave you my Tumblr link. That's it above. What are you planning to do with yours? Mine is just pics from Project 365 and silly MS Paint pics I do when I'm bored.

    1. Heyyyy how are you? Mine is but I just post pictures on it really - I do read a lot of other stu ff on Tumblr though!

  3. Congratulations! Now those are some exciting plans. Mine are much the same except the child rearing (although it would be lovely if that became a consideration. My year would be 'moved home, worked' _with an amazing interlude of 'lived in NY for three weeks'. Happy new year lovely!

  4. Happy New Year, and Congratulations.


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