Saturday, December 21, 2013

First Christmas in our own house

This feels like a really special Christmas for us. It's our first in our own home, and my first 'hosting' it for my mum, her partner and my sister who are all coming to stay from Christmas Eve. No hours of travelling! Waking up on Christmas morning on our own beds!

I have bought a ham and a box of crackers. I have ordered a turkey. I have a big list and just the right amount of stress to make it exciting. I am really looking forward to it!

Here's what the past couple of weeks have entailed:

Lots of time spent sitting in the car while Mostyn naps.. he refuses to sleep in the pushchair now...

 Re-arranging the teeny dining room to make room for Christmas.

 Serious 'gingerman' decorating.

Making crackers!

Admiring my finished advent calendar.

Decorations close up. I made the polar bear, star, tree, bauble, candle, dove, yule log and Father Christmas. My mum made the holly, robin, pudding, gingerbread man and snowman. My sister made the stocking, owl and reindeer. One of my amazing IG friends sent me the crochet snowflake. My sister in common law, the sewing genius, made the parcel, cracker and 'festive heart'. Huw's mum made the bell, wreath and Huw's dad made the penguin! A true family effort and I am really proud of it! I am hoping we can use it every year for decades!

Endless trips to the garden centre to admire the hideously addictive display of plastic flashing faux Swiss/American festive buildings.

Our first full size tree filled with cheap handmade decorations including salt dough hearts and bears and glitter glued pine cones!

Cobbling together a wreath that has already been battered to death by the rain and winds.

Winter walks to see this incredible old yew at the Devil's Pulpit.

Meeting Santa at the local library storytime.

.....and buying locally made presents at a craft fair held in one of my favourite locations near us, Wyndcliffe Court.

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  1. That advent calendar is a thing of beauty Eleanor! Also your very nature inspired decorations are BEAUTIFUL. I look forward to reading about your first own home Christmas. It is a momentous thing. We are travelling to North Wales this year, but had our first home Christmas last year. It was simple and a bit cobbled together, but lovely!


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