Saturday, November 16, 2013

Winter in the Wye

The other day I went 5 minutes down the road to Tintern - it was only about 10.30-11 in the morning so not that early but a large cloud of mist was still hanging over the valley across the river, frost was still on the ground and I vowed never to take for granted this beautiful place I find myself living in.

 The abbey. I worked here for a few days over the summer.
The ruined church up the opposite Tintern Abbey. It was burned down in 1977.

I've been teaching Mostyn about Christmas. He likes to go to the garden centre and see the lights, point at 'father cripmas' and 'cripmas trees'. It's so exciting that he finally has a clue what is going on and he can talk to me and tell me what he thinks.

Speaking of mist - I took this picture on my last full day at the castle. It only hung around for a few minutes and then it was gone.

Dusky Brockweir photo from an exploration day last weekend. I love Brockweir - I aspire to live there.... the smoke from the chimney fires floated down the river

I got all these for £1 from the 50p veg basket at the farm shop! I made vegan parsnip soup and I'm going to make beetroot, cheese and potato pie today!

Crank the heating up (we can because we have had to install a brand new energy efficient boiler and the newly discovered damp parts of our house must be destroyed..), have a cup of tea, make a stew and enjoy this magical season everyone.


  1. Gorgeous photos. That second one is breathtaking. I love the family shots too. And ohhh, the veg bargains! Too, too good!


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