Sunday, September 22, 2013

A few last weeks of summer pictures

Moss opening a birthday present
 I think this summer has been one of the busiest of my life. What with working far more hours than I had ever anticipated, the aftermath of buying our first house and a manic toddler I have never felt more stretched. September has seen Mostyn turn two, one of my oldest friends getting married and a fantastic week in Cornwall which was our first family holiday as three.

At my mums at the morning of the wedding. I was a bridesmaid and I was veeery nervous.
Here is the rug I made for part of their wedding present. It took, well, the entire time it took for The Walking Dead season 3 and Mad Men season 6 to pass by my eyes - so, quite a while, and I even had to stop early because I totally underestimated the amount of fabric required and ran out of matching tableclothes, shirts and pillow cases. I really loved making it though, I am thinking of making more of these and selling them, it's just they take so long and I don't think people would pay more than about £30 for one. Maybe I will..

Photographing things around my mum's house to take my mind of impending bridesmaid stress.

The wedding!

Cornwall. We went to Mousehole, St Michael's Mount, St Ives, Falmouth and the maritime museum, Trerice House, Mutton Cove and Godrevy, and the Eden Project.

The castle at St Michael's Mount

 The view of it from the beach was so spectacular. We went out on a tiny little boat!

 The kitchen garden at Trerice House. We saved about £56 on National Trust properties with our membership cards.... seeing as each card is £55 this isn't as good as it sounds....

The seals on the beach at Mutton Cove. This was amazing! I could have watched them all day.

From Godrevy back along the coast,. Here we saw a kestrel hovering dead still in the air.

Falmouth habour was very atmospheric. I have no connection to the sea really, despite its omnipresence on the South East coast where I grew up, so to experience Cornwall properly (as an adult, I have been before but a long time ago) where everything is influenced by the sea, fishing and boats was really interesting for me. Cornwall blue, the artists, the fresh fish, the boats and inlets, the white painted houses ranged along the coasts... it was all so charming.

Hayle beaches from St Ives

The biomes at the incredible Eden Project

Jungle plants in the rain forest

We walked around the Eden Project until our feet were sore. It was a hugely inspiring place for me, and I hope to take with me some of the things I learned.

Autumn and winter beckons. I need to sort out our curtains and get draft excluders ready for our first full winter in an almost 100 year old house.

I feel enthused and terrified at the prospect of joblessness after the end of October. A job I thought might work out now won't, and I've no idea what will happen. If I'm jobless, at least I will have more time to work on music, learning about making things and sorting out the house...... maybe more blog posts too? Feeling of terror swing back and fore with feelings that everything will work out like it all did before in March.


  1. Beautiful post. Such evocative photos. I love the rug you made, and also the landscape photos.


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