Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I have been working a lot in my new job in last two weeks, hence my poor neglected blog. I really have not done much else, except see some dear friends, grow some pea shoots, begin a freaky sourdough starter and not do as much freelance or housework as I should have.

It is, however, an utter privilege to work in such a stunning location and inside a monument with such a long and interesting history. Visitors gape when we tell them parts of the castle are almost 1000 years old. I love to look at the the little carved medieval man with his hands on his hips that looks out from one of the tiny windows of the giftshop, the stolen Roman tiles running through the huge walls of the Great Tower, the oldest surviving wooden castle doors in Europe (800 years old), the natural balcony over the wide tidal river which flows back and forth throughout the day.

I lock and unlock the giant doors to the Buttery, tidy rows of detailed plastic knights, maidens and rearing horses, sell ceramic thimbles to elderly English visitors and chat to the Americans, Germans and Australians who have, bemusingly, come in coaches to see what Wales has to offer.

I love to look out upon the virtually unchanged view of the river bend, imagining exactly who and how long ago watched over the same scenery, crows circling the high towers and seagulls wheeling and darting down to the fast water.

(Not the oldest doors.) You should see the key to this baby, it's almost as big as my forearm!

Walking down to work in the mornings when the sky is clear, bright and cool.

Proof I was out of the house at 7pm on Saturday night.

This is the dress I am going to wear every day this Summer. I just know it. I'm so ready.

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