Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Inspiration X

Ernest R. Ashton-  Abend an den Pyramiden, 1897
unknown Flemish artist,  Louis II of Anjou, c. 1415, watercolour on paper, 222 x 173 mm, Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
Art by Frank C. Pape (1916) from The Russian Storybook “Falcon the hunter.”
Art by Willy Pogany, 1912, from the book, “Parsifal.”
Hypnotic Seance, Sven Richard Bergh, 1887

Jean Delville - The God-man 1895

Moonlight, 1889, Henri-Joseph Harpignies. French (1819 - 1916)
"A number of ancient Armenian manuscript bindings were embellished with odd objects haphazardly attached to the covers and in some cases, the spines. Items included coins, crucifixes, stones from personal signet rings, jewellery, and small metal repouss√© objects shaped like hands, eyes, crescent moons, or human faces. Some of these objects were donated by the faithful as testimony to their Christian piety. Another reason is believed to be protection against the evil eye—these objects served as devices to avert evil, thereby protecting not only the donor but the manuscript itself."

Photos I took in my father's office
Photos I took in my father's office

Photos I took in my father's office

Photos I took in my father's office


  1. i love that first one a lot.

  2. The Armenian manuscript is just beautiful... I love that books were revered so much. Happy to have found another book lover (esp one that loves Louis de Bernieres! ;)) & your dad's study looks like a great place to hang out!


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