Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Attempted gardening

I got out in the garden yesterday for the first time this year, after enthusiastically buying some plants at the garden centre this weekend. It's only a small garden but it's still fun to be in. I am eagerly awaiting my cherry blossom.

A red thing, lavender and a fuchsia  I also planted some phacelia seeds to encourage bees that I got free from the Soil Association.

Under those planks (stupid cats) are some dwarf beans and two raspberry bushes that I was given from a colleague before I left my old job... here's hoping they produce something we can eat - I am nervous as I've never managed to grow anything before.

My inherited strawberry bed - I planted some sweet peas at the back, probably not what you are supposed to do but we'll soon find out ... I love sweet peas, they remind me of my nanny. Should I clear the strawberry beds of the old leaves? I don't know what I'm supposed to do!

I also sorted out the conservatory to make a space we can use now it's not freezing cold anymore.
Huge excitement at watching a snail slide over the paving stones
My kitchen is coming together. I need to put up a rack for my saucepans and that's it.
A makeshift drawing desk - I need to get him a proper chair and table!

The view from the sofa


  1. Pretty pretty pretty! The leaves should be good in the strawberry bed - free mulch :) you can brand them leaf berries, hah.

  2. Looking lovely!
    I got so excited this week when the daffs I planted, which have been looking shy and sad for weeks, all suddenly bloomed. Sad that the sun has buggered off again!

  3. Beautiful!You must grow spinach and radish, they're both wonderfully easy to grow!get perpetual spinach, it keeps going for a long time!

    1. thank you - I think I shall! Love spinach

  4. looks good! and i love the spinach tip above, i eat so much of that..

  5. You have actual lemons growing on your lemon bush. Bravo!

    Also, gardening - I don't really think there are rules. Do what you want. if stuff dies, plant more. But yes, do clear the old strawberry leaves, leaving the stalks intact.


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