Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shove the pig's foot a little closer to the fire

Tooth related sadness
I have been very busy dealing with a teething toddler, the last few weeks of work, trying to ramp up freelance work, gigs, sorting out the house and generally not having a moment to sit down and update my blog.

It's been lovely exploring our new town. This street is my favourite. Some of those houses have bow windows that actually bow!

Near the castle.

I actually went in Castle on St David's Day - Moss fell asleep and it was pretty cold and cloudy so I was walking round by myself. It absolutely blew me away, especially the great hall.

To the cellar.

The nicest bits of my days have included mocha coffee with shapes on, roast dinner, friends arriving with delicious cakes, finding out I had more money than I thought, and the bills I expected to pay were less, being given a lovely lemon tree (I have always wanted one) and two beautiful sunny days.

I played at a cafe with my band, it was fun though my mind was on other things. Another gig i had recently was the most surreal of my life for reasons I can't go into on a public forum. I also learned that there is a tune called 'Shove the pig's foot a little closer to the fire'

There is no better sight to me than a pile of acoustic string instruments leaning up against a battered old chair.

My sunshine boy and his poor sore teeth made cloudy days fun.
I made two things for the first time, seed cake (because they eat it in The Hobbit and I wanted to know what it was.. caraway seeds, if you were wondering) and also gnocci, an insanely tasty yet simple dish which I will be making a lot more in future whenever I find myself reaching for the pasta yet again.

In exercise terms - I am starting the 30 Day Shred as soon as I get my new mat delivered (wooden floors and situps don't mix). There, I've written it down now so I have to do it. I got up to day 4 before we moved but gave up. Even 4 days made a difference to my posture and core muscles so I have vowed to keep it up next time.

In eco friendly terms - I am recycling my food waste, buying from second hand shops and instead of buying a book I wanted from Amazon, I ordered it from my local bookshop! I have joined a local food co op mailing list and I am going to start the fruit and veg co-op this week.

I started The Witcher 2 but I am so used to zoning out playing Skyrim that I spent most of the time having no idea how to draw my sword or set up a spell. I could get into it though if I played for longer. I am also highly annoyed by the over objectification of the female main character, but that's another rant for another day ...

We also finally bought Mass Effect 3 but the wretched disc wouldn't load, I have been wanting to play that for the last year and am a huge Mass Effect fan so that was a disappointment.


  1. Blimey woman, you don't stop! Hope Moss' teeth make an appearance soon. x

  2. The houses on that street are so lovely!

    1. I know - I'd love to live in one - they are all three stories high and have amazing long gardens at the back that look out onto a massive castle *sigh*!

  3. I've just found your blog and I have loved reading - I'm from South Wales too. I'm starting the 30 day shred soon as well (just waiting for the DVD to arrive). I'm slightly worried it'll kill me as I haven't done any exercise for ages!

    1. I felt the same when I started it before but it actually was fine! The toughest part is keeping up with it and finding time each day to do it with a small one in tow! Even though I only managed 4 days before I still had a skip a day!
      Nice to meet you, off to check out your blog now :)


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