Friday, March 22, 2013


This week was a blur of sickness, sleep, teething toddler and, sliced in between the oblivion, a job interview.  If all goes well I will be working from April to October this year in a vast Norman Castle for a few hours a week. I am all about preserving history, right down to the music, so I am very excited to start

That is just another strange happening in my life, just as last weekend I found myself in a Social Club in a less than salubrious part of Cardiff, playing my violin to people who didn't care and almost wishing it was 2006 and the smoking ban was not in force as anything would have been nicer to smell than the odour of 70s chairs, beer, sweat dripping from the skirting boards and the aged and hideous carpets.

Eco Living list additions:

I have finally opened a Triodos savings account to replace my NastyWest one after meaning to do so for the ages. (Is it me or is the name 'Triodos' completely unmemorable? I've tried to remember it so many times over the last couple of years and it just instantly disappears out of my mind). When I have any money that I can safely need 30 days notice to get hold of I'll be opening an ISA with them.

Triodos is an 'ethical' bank: "At Triodos Bank, we believe that profit doesn't need to be at the expense of the world's most pressing environmental problems. That's why we finance organisations from organic food and farming businesses and pioneering renewable energy enterprises, to recycling companies and nature conservation projects."

We have switched to OVO energy suppliers who aim to use more renewable energy. They are also based in Gloucestershire so are really local, and so far they seem good.

I am getting some raspberry plants from my colleague who has too many. I have decided to try growing tomatoes in the conservatory.

Please let Spring arrive soon? Now have to work out what to do with a huge amount of carrots, parsnips, cabbage and turnips that I have acquired. I'm thinking mash, gratin? Roasted?


  1. Working in a castle sounds very exciting!

    I keep meaning to switch our bank account too - maybe to cooperative? Is is easy? The thought of switching direct debits and things always puts me off.

    1. I've not switched my current account yet, Triodos only do savings accounts at the moment - that does seem like a nightmare with direct debits, I suppose you just have to sit down and tick off each one. I really want a co-op current account too...

  2. I wuld definitely do roasted - maybe with a nice gravy?

    I am very jealous of your castle job!

    1. It does seem like a fantastic job, and a glorious place to work! I can't believe it!


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