Friday, March 15, 2013

Co-op veg, late night cooking in large pots, second hand wrist warmers, trying not to spend money

A recipe box I made once out of old cards.

Cushion cover from India on my table with a single candle and a pot of crayons. The colours looked nice together.

New (to me) wrist warmers that I am really pleased about.

After a mammoth late night batch cooking session making macaroni cheese, a beef and lentil cottage pie, Cicero's soup and roasted sweet pepper sauce for pasta.

My first local co-op veg bag. All this for £2.50!

Mother's Day present!

Office progress with the clock made out of one of Huw's Serein releases that I gave him for his birthday.

My desk for now. Those shelves are grim. The paint colour we're having is the one on the right that you can barely see under the light.


  1. Those wristwarmers are beautiful! I am doing a late(ish) cooking spree right now -three bean chilli, ham hough and split pea soup, tomato and basil pasta, and cottage pie. Those puddles are a rather special treat!

    I had those shelves as a teenager - we painted them and I wrapped the metal bits with string.

    1. mmmm sounds really nice. That is a very good idea about the shelves until we can afford new ones!

  2. Love your new-to-you wrist warmers! Beef and lentil cottage pie sounds yum - did you use a specific recipe or just make it up? It's always nice to have a well stocked freezer for those I-can't-be-bothered-to-cook-but-want-something-tasty nights (of which there are many in our house - our freezer needs restocking!)x

    1. I made it up using whatever we had floating around in the fridge! I have resolved to use up leftover food in new and inventive ways :) so far it's going well!

  3. office envy! and that veg bag is excellently good value.


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