Saturday, January 5, 2013

Garwnant & Monsterism

On our last day before work and drudgery began anew, we drove to Garwnant in the drizzle for a walk. A grumpy teething baby who was scared of the waterfalls did not make for a very fun outing but we did have a surprisingly successful picnic in the car, chorizo & cheese sandwiches, bananas, pom bears and left over panettone.

Before terror overcame the child and we had to leave I took this
Someone had been there before us
High up on the valley sides, the scrub land and pines under the hanging clouds
A silent forest, the floor soft and thick with moss and pine needles

We abandoned nature and went to the Millennium Centre for coffee, bundt cake and a nappy change. There was a great Pete Fowler (monsterism) exhibition in the galleries, I would have bought a drawing if I had two pennies to rub together. You should go if you're in Cardiff.

Me, forgetting I was still in my wellies until I saw myself in the mirror
I'm at my dad's this weekend and it's back to work for me next week so see you anon, dear readers..


  1. Beautiful pictures! And you can't beat left over panettone!

  2. I agree with the above, lovely pictures :) Picnic sounds good too x


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