Sunday, January 20, 2013

Edward Okuń

I don't know much about Edward Okuń except he was a Polish Art Nouveau painter. I found these images from this website and they were so lovely I had to share them:

Wojna i my 1923 - A fantastical vision of war (the old woman), the artist and his wife

Filistrzy, 1904 - philistines
Mazurek Chopina (fragment), 1911
Cztery struny skrzypiec, 1914 - the death of the violinist
Walka Dobra i Zła -1900
Koncert - 1911
Chimery - 1904 - personification of 'night'
If you'd like to see more, as well as some other beautiful Polish Art Nouveau pictures: see this website


  1. something great about those, they are mysterious! thanks for sharing..

  2. I agree He is a elusive treasure to come upon! Why is his work so hard to find? thanks to google goggles I was finally able to put the Artist to a picture I had hanging in my studio that a friend has shown me but did not know the Artist.

  3. Many of his paintings were destroyed/lost during the war, when Warsaw was completely ruined. Among them are "Koncert" ("Concerto") and "Mazurek Chopina" ("Chopin's Mazurka").


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