Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Count down to relocation

We are moving into our new house on Valentine's day and I can't wait! Expect lots of pictures of how I make it look nice on a severely limited budget. I will be scouring gumtree and freecycle for furniture, storage in small spaces will be my priority and I am going to make the house feel like home as soon as possible as we will probably be there for a while.

If I had 27 hours each day I might have set up a Pinterest to fill with pictures of inspirational interiors but I have not. I signed up to Pinterest once but I haven't had the time or quite frankly the motivation to do anything with it - I can't keep up with all my existing site accounts as it is.

Some pictures from my dad's house this weekend. Always lots of inspiration for me decorating wise.

By the lemon tree, watching for deer to appear in the garden (they didn't)

Showing off his new words to his grandad
I'm trying to de-clutter but on my first day back at work I caved and bought all these beautiful things from the Accessorize sale.. they were all 70% off though!

My beautiful little peachy face - I am going to make your new room the best of all!


  1. We're hoping to move in feb/March if the house is ready then. It's going to mean serious downsizing as it's tiny cottage compared to this large barn conversion. but it's in town (or my version of a town at least!) so we've had to sacrifice space for convenience, but I can't wait! Looking forward to seeing how you get on! x

    1. I hope it goes well! We'll have a bigger house but with less storage space.. so that's definitely going to be a challenge!

  2. Ooh, exciting you've got a date! Let us know if you need boxes, we still have loads.x

    1. I shall! I've got some from Huw's sister's move but we may need more. Incidentally I have a maternity dress for you! When have you got some free days? I can drop it off!

  3. I'm free next Thursday or Friday afternoon if that suits?x


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