Friday, December 21, 2012

The Potted Pig

I had venison haunch steak with juniper braised shoulder. Not pictured, the most delicious red cabbage and roasted carrots I've ever eaten.
I'm still not recovered from this hugely irritating not quite flu by definitely more than an ordinary cold disease. But I shall not whinge.

I wanted to share that last Friday, back when I could still use my taste buds, had my sense of smell and could hear out of my left ear, I had my work Christmas party at The Potted Pig, which I'd been looking forward to for literally months. I knew I was coming down with something but no way was that going to stop me from eating delicious food in what was supposed to be Cardiff's best restaurant. Not to mention I had paid a small fortune for the privilege.

I was not disappointed. Unfortunately I'd only shelled out for two courses, but I soon wished I was having three. I had the venison and it was virtually leaping off the plate, delicious and succulent. The accompaniments were perfect and the wine was amazing. Then I had sticky toffee pudding with homemade vanilla ice cream. I think it really speaks for The Potted Pig that despite my (ASDA) sticky toffee food poisoning experience the week before I still managed to thoroughly enjoy this dessert. Crispy, thin-pastried homemade mince pies and expensive tasting coffee followed. Oh god, it was amazing.

As you can tell, I'm no restaurant reviewer... however I will say if you find yourself in Cardiff feeling hungry you must go to The Potted Pig straight away and beg them for a table, even if you are vegetarian. I was a bit worried that vegetarians at work would be disappointed but they said their food was amazing too!

I think I'm pretty ready for Christmas. Normally I would have made 8 hundred mince pies myself by now but half the fun of them is the smell of them cooking and I still can't smell a thing. Maybe tomorrow I'll just go for it.

My dad is out of hospital and recovering at home which is a relief. We have finally exchanged on our house and will be moving in early February which despite being later than I'd imagined is still very nice to know. I can't believe that I, queen of irregular employment and erratic freelancing am going to be a homeowner!

Inspired by The Gingerbread's hilarious home decorating magazine which I perused at her house last week, I have hung some particularly nice cards across the room on a piece of thread and dabbled with a pot of red cyclamens and some candles on the dining table as a charming festive centerpiece (couldn't find any 'chargers' however). I did have a table runner too but my child immediately yanked it off along with everything painstakingly arranged on it so I'll have to continue on without that...


  1. That looks utterly gorgeous! I've heard a lot of good things about The Potted Pig - it makes me want to take a day trip to Cardiff! (I was a student there many moons ago, but I don't think TPP existed then, and I definitely couldn't have afforded it on a student budget!)x
    p.s. Hope you're much better soon!

    1. Thanks! ohhh it's amazing - I'd take the day trip! It's quite new, It's run by my boyfriend's childhood neighbour who he grew up with kicking footballs around on the street :)


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