Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Suspend Christmas please

Festive spirit has been temporarily suspended this week while I recover from a nasty episode of food poisoning (missed a gig and lay, weakly on the sofa for a few days but I'm back in the game now) and my son comes down with a chesty cold (awake all night, won't eat, sounds like Marge Simpson, points joyfully towards Calpol bottle every morning.)

Our house negotiations are struggling on like a slow, stressful dream, we won't be in before Christmas, whether we will have exchanged before then is anyone's guess. I just want it all over with so I can start organising. To top everything else off, my father is undergoing a significant operation tomorrow.

After catching up with the brilliant Homeland my real dreams are filled with guns and explosions, torturous snippets of sleep grabbed between sickly baby cries. We still co-sleep at 15 months only because we literally have nowhere else to put him in the flat. Most nights I long for the time I can stretch out in bed without fear of waking him, get an entire night's sleep without waking at every cough, read in bed with the light on, &c &c.

Now I have to look forward to:

- my sore throat blossoming into full blown cold by Friday for my much looked forward to work Christmas party at The Potted Pig,
- a gig on Saturday we haven't had time to practice for and
- a peer group meeting on Sunday I rashly promised to make mince pies for.

Then one more week before Christmas, which I could do with happening in another month rather than 13 days. Christmas day will be wonderful as always and my mum and partner are coming up the day after boxing day for second Christmas. At least I've done my shopping. Christmas cards? You'll be lucky.


  1. I hope you're all feeling better & that your dad's operation went well. xx

    1. Thanks cal - it did! he's home again now and recovering well! x x


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