Friday, November 9, 2012


I have a thing about beautiful notebooks. Here are some of my most important ones:

A new discovery. I found these gorgeous A6 notebooks in Waterstones but they are made by - some of the other designs are a bit too floral and twee for me but these are just perfect. I bought three, I was going to give them all away but I sent one to Ama and am keeping these two for myself.

Two leather-bound books. On the left, folded eco-paper is bound in raw leather. The tiny book on the right is very special to me. I chose it when I was 12 from a small handmade leather bookshop in Tuscany, Italy. In it I keep a dried leaf from the huge bay tree in Leonardo da Vinci's garden which we visited later that holiday.

Left: A stunning Roger la Borde book that has brightly coloured pages all the way through. It's so beautiful I haven't written anything in it! Right: A magnetic fold over mock leather Paperblank journal with embossed gold. I took this one travelling with me and it has a travel diary in it.

A big mirrored leather folded wrap over book I bought from a leather shop in Camden Market years ago. All the pages are filled with notes, postcards, art cards, bits of paper and collected curiosities. This book holds everything I want to frame when we move house.

Miscellaneous. I have a couple of Moleskines obviously and this is one of them. I use them for keeping notes as I read books. A papyrus book. A tiny card notebook from many years ago, vintage Paperchase!

And possibly the most important of all due to their contents: my the two notebooks that contain lecture and revision notes on every scrap of knowledge I know about psychotherapy.


  1. lovely! I had a travel one which had loads of tidbits I'd collected like olive leaves from the garden of Gethsemene...I then had to leave it at the gate at the entrance to a Mosque as it had Bible verses in it...and it wasn't there on my return. I cried! I would have rather lost my passport than that!

    1. oh no!!! that is devastating! I can definitely identify with that, I am way too sentimental to part with so much of my stuff!

  2. I have the very same Nkuku leather bound book - a third wedding anniversary gift from my husband. I also bought him a leather notebook. We are all about the stationery.

    What a beautiful collection you have!

    1. I was trying to remember the name Nkuku (I lost the box!) and totally failed, it had been bugging me ever since so thank you (and thanks for following me!)

  3. Am saving all of your links for my Christmas shopping methinks!

    Also (soas not to bombard with you with comments) your post from your father's house - swoon.


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