Sunday, November 18, 2012

Moments stolen

Snatching a few minutes here and there - crouched on the train to work plugged into my iPhone, lulling the baby to sleep, staring into a pan of dinner, hanging up washing to dry, drifting through town on my lunch break, driving through misty valleys, before I go to sleep, a peaceful 10 minutes in the shower - to think, think and plan and sort through the endless lists in my head.

I have got far too into the habit of letting my brain wander, allowing myself to let this essential day-to-day life list making extend to the far future - how my work, our living situation, my strength (physically and mentally) will fit in with these long term aspirations for a proper working gigging band, another child, my money making endeavors, my writing, my work - it's impossible to fit it all together and often I find myself in a daze, unable to articulate my thoughts. It will all work out.

Up and down the A470

The street where I work

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