Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moroccan dreams

It has been six years since I visited Morocco but last night I was sifting through my old photos, still dreaming.

I left for Africa in January when our evenings were the darkest and most grim. Arriving in Marrakesh, the nights were chill but the days were warm and clear. I went to experience the intense culture shock that jolts the soul and lingers for weeks and years after you return home to dank England. I can still hear the rabble of the square, the clockwork call to prayers from the stork sprinkled minarets and the dusty snake charmer's pungi flutes. Money and circumstance have meant my traveling days are over for a while, but I can still re-live them on my blog and hope to return one day.

Pots in El Badi Palace
The omnipresent storks
Mint tea greeting
Orange trees in El Badi
The pure blue of the sky

Islamic geometric mosaic in El Bahai Palace
Storks stepping
Souk stalls
Tourist traps
Jemaa el-Fna at dusk, the most incredible sight and sound I've ever seen
Evening in the market
The snail seller

Persian carpets in the morning

More storks
The shop where everything is made from tires
Evening near the leather tanneries
Me, looking
Spice merchant
The blue of the Majorelle gardens matched the sky

The first time you hear the call to prayer in a Muslim country is an incredible moment. I had to film it it.


  1. Amazing photos! Looks like a fascinating place. I loved listening to the calls to prayer when we were in Egypt.
    Morocco has been on my list ever since we were due to go trekking in the Atlas Mountains when we are at school. We raised so much money, trained hard at the gym, even started to learn Arabic and then a couple of lazy bastards pulled out taking us below the minimum numbers so the trip was cancelled. Can you tell I'm still pissed off?! One day...

    1. I'd have been pissed off too! Always wanted to do that, I have a friend who went to the Atlas Mountains and her photos were amazing

  2. Wow. It looks incredible, especially that photo at dusk. You should blow that up and frame it if you haven't already!


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