Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cold and clear

Yesterday we went out to make the most of a rare and perfect cold, wintery day. Bypassing the crowds at the Cowbridge Food Festival, we headed further on to Llantwit Major where there is a pebbly beach and a few shops.

We found a tiny pizzeria for lunch that did really tasty food.

I had Italian sausage and olives on mine

Those delicious and calm looking previous pictures mask the messy reality of sitting down for lunch amid packets of baby wipes with a small child who stuffs handfuls of pizza into his face until he gags and spits it all back out. Here's me trying to drink coffee with a wriggly toddler, squirming and eating packets of sugar, after wrestling with him for 15 minutes when he refused to sit in the highchair.

Back to the idyl. We headed to the beach and set the tiny demon free on the sands. He ran straight towards the wet bits, screamed when we wouldn't let him fall on his face in the icy water and pleasingly pointed and lisped 'dog-eh' every time a bouncy dog leapt past on the shore, spraying sand and seaweed.

I love days like these. I don't mind how cold it gets, as long as the sky is clear.

Looking West towards St Donats and the Nash Point lighthouse. It looks peaceful but we could hear the foghorn being tested and a fighter jet from St Athans was screaming back and forth across the sky.


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