Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We still haven't found a house and it's a strange time in our lives, waiting in limbo.

Despite what I said in a previous post, all signs are pointing towards Chepstow. Chepstow is a small town about 50 minutes away just by the border and the bridge to England, where my partner's sister and family lives and where his parents are moving to soon.

It's now just a matter of waiting for the right house, getting another mortgage offer and we will be off.

I vetoed Chepstow a while ago because it's so far from Cardiff and I didn't want to cut myself off from work prospects, let alone further distancing myself from my band and friends here. My job (2 days a week) in Cardiff is fixed term until March next year, which really isn't far away. I don't know what will happen after next March, it might be my big chance to expand my freelance work and try and get enough to survive working entirely from home or I might still get to work for my current project in some capacity.

A horse and cart ride in Chepstow
An old sign in a walkway on the high street
 Moving to Chepstow will mean a commute down the busy M4 of about an hour at rush hour, or an expensive 40 minute train journey on a sparse railway line that isn't famed for its smooth journeys. It's not the end of the world but it would make my life a whole lot more irritating if I ever went back to work full time in the capital, especially as the easiest place to get a job in Wales is obviously in Cardiff.

However, this is the only reason moving to Chepstow isn't a good idea so I've made the decision to suck it up and make it work for me. I can still play in the band, it's not so far from friends that it's impossible to see anyone and it works out much better for everyone else.

Chepstow Castle is massively impressive, look at the tiny horse on the left
We will be within walking distance to family. It knocks an hour of the long journey to my mum (and my dad). I can expand my freelance work, make more money, go cycling again, start an Etsy shop, meet new people, maybe start a new band, have evenings out and maybe even days at home purely for freelance working instead of cramming writing into my son's ever decreasing naps and spare moments when I'm not in my actual job.

While we're still here I feel stifled. I feel like we can't do anything, buy anything big or meet anyone new because we'll be moving soon. I am the sort of person who likes to know what is going on, I like plans and being able to see the big picture in my life's architecture. I don't like wafting or being late or not knowing where I'm going to live by Christmas. At the moment we're knuckled down working as hard as we can to save money, it's tiring and we don't go out, we're living and working in a one bedroom flat with a toddler who is getting more and more sprightly by the day. We've been poised to get up and go since the Spring, and it is grating to not be able to relax or start anything afresh.

I'm treading water and it's mind numbing but I'm excited about the future. Time to make plans.

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