Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leibster Award - 11 random things about me

Sort of tagged from The Gingerbread:

Proving I've never been able to pull off a fringe, here is me aged 3
1) My sister and I were home educated for a time and I didn't go to school until I was 7. The only reason my parents sent us to school was because we ended up with nobody to play with (apart from each other) as all the other kids in our Education Otherwise group slowly succumbed to formal education. I'd definitely home educate my own children if I was in a financial situation that meant I didn't have to work. Unfortunately this is never likely to occur...!

2) I am rather shy though I'm a lot better than I used to be. I really have to force myself to get through social occasions or anything that involves public speaking. As a kid I often pretended to be ill to get out of music courses and being with strange children my own age. I used to secretly eat dirt in the hope it would make too sick to go to things however it never worked. Don't try that one at home kids.

3) I have played on the stage at Glyndebourne opera house in a violin concert when I was little.

4) More music related trivia: I used to be quite good at the Double Bass. I was in an orchestra and a jazz band with my bass that was rented from the East Sussex County Music Service. When I went to university I had to give him back. It was a miserable day for me, watching the lights go out in the instrument room, turning round to leave my lovely bass that was bigger than me, alone, sad and in the dark. I never played the double bass again. One day I'll find one of my own in a junk shop like my old bass teacher and take up the most magnificent of instruments once more.

5) Claim to fame: Whilst at university, I worked in the same shop (an amazing deli in Reading that devastatingly no longer exists) that Kate Winslet did when she found out she got her breakthrough role in Heavenly Creatures. The owner (who also no longer exists..) of the shop at the time used to go on family holidays with the Winslets and I've had a conversation with Kate Winslet's mother in a pub about the sizes of M&S clothing.

6) Speaking of University, I did my degree (Psychology BSc) dissertation experiment on emotions and dreaming.

7) Huw is my third ever boyfriend.

8) I am a country child. I grew up in the flat flood plains beyond the South Downs of East Sussex. I roamed fields, shaped mud pies, climbed trees, made dens and played on hay bales. I love the countryside and much prefer it to cities.

9) I had always wanted to go to Mongolia and I managed it in 2006. It was a strange and wondrous place.

10) My parents separated when I was 23 after 24 years of marriage and they are now divorced. I didn't anticipate how difficult, even as an adult, adjusting to that was to be, although they had never really been happy. It taught me a lot about how and how not to behave in relationships and hopefully I am a better person because of it.

11) I have a psychotherapy diploma (taught partly by my father!) that I got distinction *for. It was the toughest course of my life and I was by far the youngest, worked SO hard and had to overcome my paralyzing fear of doing 45 minutes of observed therapy in front of a group of people and the examiner! I've not done anything practical (i.e. therapy) with the diploma yet as I still have the final part to do if I want to practice as a therapist but it's definitely an option for the future, and I have written regularly about the human givens approach ever since.

I tag anyone who wants to do it. Thinking of 11 things was way too difficult, I thought I was more interesting than that to be honest.

* no, my father did not mark my exam paper or my practical!!!

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