Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guappecarto - L'amour c'est pas grave

A band I discovered via Melissa that have since become one of my favourites, Guappecarto have made their first album L'amour c'est pas grave ('Love is not serious') available to buy on bandcamp and you must rush over there and download it immediately if you like gypsy jazz.

The album is sparser and more pared down than their live performances and, although this kind of music is best heard accompanying the background hum of a lazy bar at 2am or over the busker's backing track of hot and busy streets, the sound is still unmistakable and powerful. The members of Guappecarto are based round a core of musicians who have been playing together for years, possessing the distinct kind of musical telepathy that is so essential for this fluid style.

I want to be whisked away to Paris to hear them whilst lounging in a late night cafe drinking a bottle of red wine and doodling on paper napkins.

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