Monday, August 6, 2012

Wants, not Needs

1) Violin bow
Despite how this is technically a 'wants' list, I really do neeeeed a new bow after my cheap one snapped last summer. I still have a very old and expensive bow that was bought when I got my violin years ago, but the it needs a rehair and I'm worried about it breaking during the loud thrashing a gig requires. I would like to have this as my gig bow and keep my old one for sedate practices and acoustic playing.
This lovely black carbon fiber one from the bow shop has an ebony frog; mother of pearl Parisian eye and slide and nickel silver fittings. It's £49.50, a very good price for a tough bow, but I will need to save up for this.

2) Necklace stand

A silver stand for my necklaces.

They are currently tangled up and draped over a picture frame. Not that I can even wear them with a baby clinging to me all day but it would be nice to be able to properly sort them out and admire them on my way to the changing mat.

3) Heath Robinson - Contraptions

A book I've wanted for ages.

"As the champion of pragmatic man, Heath Robinson presented a vision of the British as an unflappable, ingenious and slightly demented breed of inventors that persists to the present day. The British are still a nation of garage-haunting amateur engineers who will recognise the inhabitants of Heath Robinson's world, with their pot bellies and pots of tea, archaic faces and sturdily commonsensical approach to the problems of existence. How to hunt tigers by elephant, how to get an even tan, rise with the sun or put out a chimney fire, these and many more pressing questions are answered in the pages of Contraptions."

4) Lord of the Rings BBC audio collection

The BBC did an amazing full cast audio dramatisation of Lord of the Rings in 1981. I had the cassette box set when I was young and used to listen to it over and over until the tapes fell to bits. Bizarrely, I used to listen to it whilst spending many hours attempting to build a rocking horse out of match sticks (it was some sort of kit). Well that never got completed.. but I can never quite imagine Lord of The Rings without also thinking of match sticks and PVA glue.

Ian Holm was Frodo in the series so it was all the more exciting when he appeared as Bilbo in the Peter Jackson film, which I was almost certainly a 'fan girl' of. I'm sure the cast in that film must have spent a long time listening to the BBC series as there are loads of similarities in how the characters are realised. Haha, I've just found out that Bill Nighy was Sam... which I never knew before!

There is a CD version on Amazon and I MUST LISTEN TO IT AGAIN! I must also read The Hobbit again before seeing the film.


  1. How funny, I was looking at a jewellery stand like that on the oliver bonas site today as I've had my eye on one for a while too!

    I approve wholeheartedly of Lord of the Rings, bows and inventions too.

    1. I saw the stands in Rossiters in Cardiff and I just think they're so pretty!


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