Saturday, August 25, 2012

My holiday snaps.. let me show you them

North Wales. Land of mountains, rain and slate. We had a charming holiday with just enough sunshine for the weather not to be remarkably bad.

The house we stayed in was magnificent, filled with curiosities and history.
The dining room

Our bedroom
One of the living rooms!
I wore my new maxi dress and pretended I was in a period drama.
I can't get enough of mountains with clouds on them. I've got hundreds of mountainous cloud photos but here are two:

The mountains before Dolgellau
We went on daytrips to a few different places, when we could tear ourselves away from lounging around the house:

Portmerion was more surreal than I remembered

Conwy Castle

Magical mossy woods
Baby running on the beach
I had a birthday...
And a birthday cake! I'm now 27.
We could hear this waterfall from our bedroom
Chomping on my ice cream cone

The abandoned cottage in the grounds of Plas yn Rhiw
In the mines at Llechwedd Slate Caverns

My son was incredibly well behaved and brilliant on his first ever holiday.

Until our car broke down today I was anticipating holidaying for a few more days at my father's house in Oxfordshire but as we can't get there now it's back to reality next week.

I have a whole week to prepare for my son's first birthday party. How long can I stretch out preparing sausages on sticks and making a cake......?


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