Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gol-e Gandom - Dr Lloyd Miller

One of my favourite pieces of music, Gol-e Gandom - Lloyd Miller. Popularised in recent times by its inclusion on the amazing Spiritual Jazz album.

"Dr Lloyd Miller (b. 1938) is an American musician who is well known for his research work on Persian music.

Lloyd Miller received a doctorate in ethnomusicology from the University of Utah. His thesis was entitled Music and Song in Persia. While writing his thesis, he spent 7 years in Tehran as an arts writer for several publications and a PR person for the Center for Preservation and Propagation of Iranian Music.

He is native in English and fluent in Persian and French. During the 1950s and 60s, Miller played with top jazz artists in Europe like Don Ellis and Eddie Harris. Miller was interested in eastern culture and music.

He moved to Iran and mastered Persian music as well as Iranian folk music genres under the supervision of masters Dr. Daryush Safvat and Mahmoud Karimi." wikipedia

A quote from his YouTube channel:

"We implore all artists and fans to assist in the struggle to retain and maintain authentic old pre-electronic age music genres which have been passed down over the centuries and to eschew with vigor any invasion by western contemporary and pop styles. When massive modernization is forced on us by multinational corporations to undermine and eradicate traditional arts, the result is cultural genocide which is more devastating than any holocaust. Phasing out valuable authentic ancient traditions by polluting them with low-level contemporary pop styles eventually erases our roots and leaves us as naught but dust to be blown to oblivion by the evil winds of commercialism and consumerism wherein there is no place for acoustic ethnic instruments. Please help fight cultural genocide by avoiding all electronic, modernized and westernized cheap 'art.' Let's fight to keep our roots from being severed and avoid being turned into zombified consumers of contemporary crassness. It is time for all music to go green, to turn from crass thumping noise and ugly electronics."

He once sent me a YouTube message. I'm not even Welsh but I appreciated his message and it meant a lot to me!:

Dear Eleanor,
Thank you for the kind words. I checked your site and heard your fiddle playing and liked it. It is great to see that some of us Welch folk still play Celtic music. I have been removed from the homeland and when I visited Rhyl and Holyhead a few times it really bothered me that the bloody Brits took away my language and I don't understand anything. But Welch is one of the most difficult languages I ever tried to figure out, more than Persian or Armenian. The other side of our family were Brits; so I guess that side won and now I'm just a stupid Yank. In case you are Welch, keep the culture and traditions alive so we don't finally disappear from the world. And keep playing, you will be famous some day if you keep humble and just play great.
Lloyd Miller


  1. One of my favourites as well, which I found on his album "A Lifetime in Oriental Jazz", which contains several other gems. He has clearly mellowed his musical stance if his collaboration with Heliocentrics is anything to go by:- the album "Lloyd Miller and Heliocentrics" contains much that is electronic and much "thumping noise", but he seems to be enjoying himself! Thanks for the interesting post.

    1. That is pretty funny, I haven't heard Heliocentrics! He seems a little eccentric, but his music more than makes up for any idiosyncrasies. Thanks for commenting


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