Thursday, July 5, 2012

YouTube collabs from back in the day when I had the time to do YouTube collabs

 Fisher's Hornpipe
Seanamhac Tube Station

Here are two  'youtube collaborations' I did a few years ago with a hugely talented Indian mandolinist.

A YouTube collaboration is when you agree a tune with another musician on YouTube, they send you a quality sounding backing track recording and you tangle yourself in headphones at the same time as attempting to press the space bar fast enough, try not to look stupid and regretting the complexity of the tune you had rashly agreed to play, whilst filming yourself on webcam.

The next step is that the other person blends together the resulting footage and audio due to your inability to work iMovie.

The mandolin player is called Diptanshu and he's in a band I would go and see all the time if I lived in India.... Fiddler's Green. He also has a label called Folk Pick which released a gorgeous album by an Indian folk musican called Basudeb Das Baul.

Here he is, with his wife, singing Happy Birthday to a lucky person called Ludo. Is this the sweetest video on YouTube?

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