Sunday, July 15, 2012

Punch Cartoons

I have a huge coffee table book of Punch Magazine cartoons, and I can spend endless hours leafing through it and chortling to myself.

I want to share some of my absolute favourites here. Sorry they are such bad quality, I had to take photos of the book.

Punch cartoons are one of the (extremely few) things that make me proud to be British as I think they really sum up the subtle and wry sense of humour that pervades this damp land.

I'll start off with the one that I find most amusing. Had to cut the caption off, sorry, but it's there beneath:

"It's very well to go down for six weeks into the country by yourself, to give up tobacco and stimulants, and to live the whole day, so to speak, in the open air: But all this will do you no good, unless you cultivate a cheerful frame of mind and take a lively view of things." This cartoon is from 1869!

And some more:

 "..and of course there will be the usual search fee"

"Money can't bring them happiness."

I could go on forever..

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  1. I don't get most of them. Especially your most favourite. But I see the frightful party tag comes from these.


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