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A Mind Blown is a Mind Shown - 60s Psychedelic Posters

As a follow on from the Harry Clarke illustrations, let's move on a few decades and look at some 60s psychedelia which he was credited with inspiring. You may want to down a few the recommended dose of paracetamol before looking at these. They are beautiful but lurid.

I've had these images for years after finding one particular track by these guys and researching them (they did music as well as posters) and now I can look at them afresh and see the connection with Harry Clarke and illustrators of his ilk.

Here is the track that you can listen to while looking at the posters to get the full Hapshash effect. I made this video in 2008 with my own footage of Mongolia, the Trans-Siberian railway, Morocco, ducks and the sea at Beachy Head.

Fill one entire room with 'essence of 60s' =  this image
"Late in 1966 the London underground newspaper International Times held a launch party for their new paper. After the success of that event the promoters opened their own underground club, the UFO. Upon learning that other clubs in the US were printing posters for their events, they decided that this was a necessity for their events as well. In early 1967 Michael English was introduced to Nigel Waymouth and the two agreed to work together designing posters for these promoters. The two first chose the name 'Cosmic Colors', but produced only one poster under that name. Next they chose the name 'Jacob and the Coloured Coat', but produced only two posters using that name. In about March of 1967 the settled on 'Hapshash and the Coloured Coat', the name by which they are best known."


14 Hour Technicolour Dream

5th Dimension

Arthur Brown

 The Incredible String Band (I will do a whole post about these guys some time... omg, I love them)

 Jazz at the Round House

 Julie Felix (You can see the Harry Clarke/Beardsley influence straight away in this one. In fact it looks like a bit of a rip off!)

My White Bicycle

Crazy World of Arthur Brown at the UFO

 Julie Felix again

My dad used to make posters like this back in the 60s. Years ago someone contacted him asking if he had any left because they wanted to include them in the 1997 'Les Sixties' Brighton exhibition of 60s art. It turned out that his first wife had them all in her attic and was cutting them up to use as colourful scrap paper for the schoolchildren she was teaching!

He also tells a story of taking some of his posters into a hippy shop in Brighton to see if he could sell them.  Through a dense cloud of hash smoke, the owner admired them and drawled "Woah, what did you do these ON, man?"

And my father who, although arty is quite straitlaced, bemusedly says "Well, they're screen printed."

These are the only traces I can find of any of his posters on the internet. They are hardly worth posting as the images are so small and bad:

This battered copy of By Day Fantastic Birds Flew Through The Petrified Forest, with an extract from a JG Ballard novel, was sold on ebay for £108 in 2008..

"A related item that is sometimes listed as one of Ballard's publications is By Day Fantastic Birds Flew Through the Petrified Forest. This is in fact a poster which includes a 43 word extract from The Crystal World. It was issued in 1967 by Eosgraphics for Firebird Visions Limited, with 50 copies of the issue being signed by Ballard (the remaining issues were unsigned), and is screenprinted in dayglo orange, yellow, dark blue, and gold. From here"

And here is a tiny copy of The Illuminated Man which also must have been sold on ebay at one time.

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