Thursday, June 21, 2012

Killarney and 'New Tune a Day'

I recently downloaded from bandcamp a wonderful album called Pull the Knife by Killarney:

 Pull the Knife cover art

It's exactly the sort of Irish music I like; clean, pure and uncluttered tunes. It's been on repeat on my train commute to work for weeks.

It's recorded by two musicians, a mandolin/guitar player called Colin Botts and a brilliant fiddle player called Katie Davis Henderson. Mark Davis provides occasional bodhran.

My favourite tunes on the album are Garret Berry's/Ringing the Bell and Bunch of Green Rushes/Ferry Banks. Traditional tunes that I am desperate to have time to sit down and learn by ear as they are so beautiful.

I've discovered that Katie has a blog in which she learns a new tune every day, posted on YouTube: New Tune a Day.

I find her playing very inspiring, here she is playing some jigs, Andy de Jarlis, Ingonish, Mrs. McGhee:

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