Monday, June 25, 2012

I found some more of my art

I forgot I had a deviantart gallery. I uploaded these in 2004 and they were old then so here are four, decade old drawings.

1) Well this first one is highly embarrassing because, aged 17, I used to like Johnny the Homicidal Manic comics.

I drew this for my first boyfriend who wore a leather trench coat and had long black dyed hair so this went down well. He took it with him when we split up so I've no idea what happened to it, probably rotting in a landfill somewhere:

 2) Some slightly more genteel 'fan art', here is a Krazy Kat medley I drew for my dad for Christmas once. I am so proud of this - I could probably create forgeries, I am so good at ripping off and copying real artists. (Check out some real Krazy Kat cartoons, they are worth your time.)

3) Here is my Magic Man

4) And another copy of one of my favourite pictures, 'J'ai baise ta bouche, Jokanaan (I kissed your mouth, John.)




  1. I had forgotten what a talented artist you are. You're really quite good.

    Your Dad's works are *amazing* -- I can see where your talent came from.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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