Saturday, June 30, 2012

Andrew Paul Regan: The Signal And The Noise

Since 'relocating' (it sounds better than 'drifting') to Wales I've met a lot of talented people including Andy Regan, the husband of my lovely former colleague Sian.

Andy is a prolific songwriter who has been performing for 10 years under the name Pagan Wanderer Lu, which he has now shelved in favour of his actual name Andrew Paul Regan.

In my first foray into a genre that wasn't classical, traditional or jazz, a couple of years ago I played in Andy's band on a mini tour for his European Monsoon album. It was a lot of fun and highlights included going to Shoreditch in a clanky mini bus and getting home at 4am on a work night, staying at Andy's mum's house and driving to Manchester in the fog.

I played violin and also an old electronic keyboard with complicated knobs on that only played one note at a time. It has a proper name but I can't remember what it is.

That was probably the most musically challenged I have ever been (and trust me... I've played Stravinsky). Put me in front of a bank of knobs and I panic. Forget one knob, twist one dial the wrong way and the whole effect is totally different and therefore wrong. As I am incapable of remembering what all the different things mean ('wave form', 'decay'.... 'LFO'?) I had to write down all the different knob settings for each individual song and frantically refer to my notes in between each song like an idiot:

 'Chronically depressed', haha (those were the lyrics at which I had to do something different, not my state of mind at this point in the set due to all the complex knob twiddling)

Anyway, Andy has a new record out called The Signal And The Noise, and I am on it in the form of a small clip of violin for the track 'In Potential'!

I am no good at writing about music, especially when it's by people I know (I can't objectively listen to or express a coherent opinion on any of my boyfriend's music) but safe to say I have listened to this a lot and it's a great album, so you should buy it if you like indie/'glitchpop' (is this a real term?) with clever lyrics.

There is also going to be a video for one of the other tracks on the album in which my sleeping baby makes a small cameo so I am very excited to see that!

You can follow Andy on his highly amusing Twitter.

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