Sunday, May 27, 2012

Two jigs: practicing fiddle in the garden

A video from the first band practice for ages for me. Unfortunately it's without our full line up,  the sound quality isn't the best and the baby is grumbling all the way through but otherwise you get the jist...

A couple of my favourite jigs - Mac's Fancy / The Mist on the Mountain. 

I learned these from a spectacular De Dannan record which is definitely worth purchasing legally over the internet if you are any sort of fan of traditional music that shatters your bones. 

These are a couple of the several tunes that I learned by ear, a mean feat for someone as attached to sheet music (strangely known as 'dots' in the trad world) as me. 

I try to learn all the tunes I can by ear, it takes longer than just quickly sight reading music (at which I am a master) but the end result is far better. The tunes trip from your fingers far more naturally and in an ideal world I wouldn't use sheet music at all.

Next weekend we're playing at a street party in Crickhowel for the Jubilee.

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