Sunday, May 13, 2012

Art from the photobucket vaults

I tried tonight to scroll back through internet history on the Wayback Machine and recover all my old 'art'work from Elfwood. Yes, embarrassingly, I was big on Elfwood (Gallery 271!) in 2002, getting 'Moderator's Choice' twice in my time.. yes twice. I know.

Amazingly my gallery was there on a snapshot from 2004, but I could only see the thumbnails of most of the pictures and the full sizes wouldn't load. Distressing.....

I deleted my gallery a few years ago after spending ages trying to get into it and then discovering that my 16 year old self had used the password 'wormsickness' (what?!) and was sure I saved all my old pictures to my computer somewhere, but now I can't find them.

I have the originals of some of them but some are lost, gone forever, given to old friends, boyfriends, sent across the world.

I saved what I could and went on a trawl through my entire computer to dredge up any old drawings and doodles from 2003 and beyond, they are mostly bad photos of pictures which is a bit sad.

I will just leave these here for my biographers:

Teratoma - 2004. Sick.

 This was something I drew in 2007, it was going to be a book illustration but the book never got published. Probably just as well in retrospect.

2006 - a blind woman being pursued by a serpent.

 2007 - a doodle, I distinctly remember listening to David Bowie while doing this. I had no job and lived in a small room in Brighton listening to the guy next door practicing his DJing.

This was also meant for the book which never got published.

Djinn, gave this original away, it was a birthday card. I don't remember when I drew it.

  The Frog Mouse - this was for a poem my friend wrote, probably 2001. This is one of my favourites. I feel it combines frog-ness and mouse-ness effectively.

 Doodles cut from the sides of my college notes 2001-2003.

 This was also for the book.. the drawing I love the most. It's for a story called The Lost Camel

 Here is a terrible picture of a big unfinished A3 drawing I did whilst living in a small yellow shoebox room in Reading in 2005. There was a piece of graffiti across the road that I always thought was really over dramatic and petulant: 'They never understood' - it was under that exact tree and somehow my pen just took over to the right there.

'detail' which isn't at all detailed.

 I have no recollection of drawing this - it's a failed one.

 Continually drawing for things that never materialize - here's an unfinished CD cover that never actually happened

Ugly face woman lying down

Here's the link to my old Elfwood Gallery, where you can read all sorts of pretentious and hideous things I wrote in 2002 and 2004. I was having a Will Self phase (does everyone have those?) and I thought nihilism was the best thing ever.


  1. I love these!!! They're so good!!!! You've inspired me....

    1. haha - they aren't that good really - but I'm glad to inspire!


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