Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sidney H Sime

A failed miner from Manchester, Sidney H Sime was a late Victorian artist whose slightly macabre and fantastical art I am really drawn to. 

I am a big fan of the entire 'Golden Age' period, as anyone who has ever walked into my living room and remarked on the headless Jokanaan Beardsley print can attest. And there is something about monocrome in art that I have never been able to resist. 

I have always felt, if there is something worth drawing, within your imagination or without, to be able to share it successfully in only black & white is a marker of real artistic talent.

When I used to draw I would draw with black ink only, which in retrospect means I must have modestly considered myself to have real artistic talent (sadly untrue).

I wish I knew more about the following illustrations which I have collected shamelessly from the internet, this website has far better, different, images.

Grim Humour                                    High Trapeze

Hoard of Gibbelins                                   Incubus

 Orion Hunts the Unicorn                                Map

Pegana                                                    Skirt

Ton Ton Tarrup                                         Dreams, Idle Dreams

Hish, Lord of Silence, 1905
for The Idler magazine

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