Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brazilian Choro and Manouche music

I just found this youtube channel that has Brazilian choro music on the violin - it's so happy - it cheers me up when mini eggs arent quite enough on these dark January days.

Brazilian party with the same guy - it's quite sedate compared with Brazilian parties in my imagination but the violin playing is just lovely.


This is also the perfect music to brighten winter days:

Guappecarto, as introduced to me by my friend Melissa. One day I will see these guys live.... somewhere in Europe.

Busking in France. I hope to do some busking myself this summer but I will certainly not be as good as these fantastic musicians.

I guess I should not get into the habit of these YouTube posts as who has time to go through watching a load of videos on a blog? No one.. but, as disclaimer, I will say now - I will only post videos I've watched many times and absolutely ADORE, so if you share my taste you should appreciate a few of them.

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